Cheat views on YouTube. Truth and myths


maxresdefault 300x168 Cheat views on YouTube. Truth and mythsThe cheating of views or other numerical parameters on YouTube has existed for a long time. Someone speaks sharply against, someone silently uses it. I came across a wraparound and worked for 3 years and during that time, I collected a large amount of information.

We begin to analyze the main myths regarding their realism:

1) Cheat only increases the number of views, while reducing retention and other factors.

This is mostly true. But, this applies to the cheapest options for cheating views. At the moment, there is a technical ability to set the desired retention when cheating views, both in percentage terms and in absolute.

For other factors — the truth. Views, as such, devoid of any other activity, social signals or behavioral factors, even with high retention, give very little result.

2) Cheat leads youtube views smm panel to the pessimization of the channel and the subsequent ban of the channel.

Of course, such a risk exists. I also read about it, but! For my work, I used the wrapping hundreds and hundreds of times.

Even tests were carried out, during which I bought cheap views, from 10 to 40 thousand, with low retention on a test channel and massively organized complaints about these videos for the reason — Invalid traffic.

I have never received a channel ban. No warnings were even received. But I do not urge the use of wrapping. There is no guarantee that one day, YouTube will not decide to begin to deal with it actively.

It is always worth keeping in mind such a moment — to see statistically wound views is very simple. Even taking into account the fact that it’s now possible to set the source of traffic, and they will be reflected in the channel statistics with the specified parameter, in any case, YouTube’s algorithms easily understand the fact of cheating views.

There are many related parameters, ranging from the percentage of retention and ending with the deviation from the standard ER indicators on the channel as a whole with wraparound video, by which it is easy to highlight the fact of cheating.

Pessimization of the channel. Also, during repeated testing, I did not see the relationship with the wrapping up with the pessimization of the channel or video. Many tests have been done for this.

But, the important point is that, and especially a lot of positive points were also not noticed. But more about the positive aspects!

3) Cheat additional parameters, such as likes, reposts, comments, and so on, will immediately help me to rise in the issue or in the recommendations.

There is very little truth in this. The wrapping of these parameters gives a short-term effect. In addition, to achieve a good result, it is necessary to wind in large batches.

But then such a thing as behavioral factors comes play.

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